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SEPCO Pyrosleeve protective sleeving is designed to protect your operating life lines, cables, electrical lines, pipes and hoses in harsh and hostile operating environments. Pyrosleeve was developed as a temperature-resistant and flame retardant insulation for all types of lines that carry hot or volatile fluids or any line or cable that could be damaged by heat and flame. Pyrosleeve is a silicone coated, braided, glass sleeving manufactured by SEPCO using an unique proprietary process. It can be installed by sliding it over a line or cable before, during or after construction or during line replacement.

Ease of Installation: Pyrosleeve can be slid over line or cable before, during or after construction or during a line or cable replacement.
Standard Sizes Available: Pyrosleeve is supplied in standard sizes from 5/16" to 4 1/2" ID. Special sizes and constructions are also available for custom protection against fire, abrasion, caustic substances and extreme temperatures.

Protection of lines that carry hot or volatile fluids.
Protection of lines, cables and pipes in hostile environments where there is exposure to:

  • Excessive vibration and friction
  • Molten metal
  • Temperature extremes

Typical Properties

Mullens Burst Strength: 800+ p.s.i.
K Valve BTU/F/hr/in of Thickness:1.2
Abrasio-Wyzenbeck 9,500 Cycles: 3
1/3 lb. using Fine Emery Cloth
Flame Resistance: Fed. Spec. CCT-191-B Method 5902 - 7 sec. to extinguish with no afterglow.
Oil and Fluid Resistance: Remains functional after immersion for 120 hr and 80F/25C in MIL-H-5606, MIL-L-6082, Skydrol 500, Skydrol 500LD and water.
Additional laboratory testing available upon request.
Tested to 1900F.